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Vinpocetine Tinnitus

Save Your Ears From Vinpocetine Tinnitus

Vinpocetine tinnitusVinpocetine tinnitus has been one of the most common types of problems that you might encounter in the medical field. However, vinpocentine tinnitus is not a disorder or a disease. Vinpocetine tinnitus may pose a more serious problem and may be a symptom of a disease that may have to do with your ear and your hearing ability. Because of this, it is important for you to known how vinpocetine tinnitus occurs. It is also equally important for you to know how you can prevent vinpocetine tinnitus before it even gets worse.

You hear by means of the different structures that surround the ear. There are parts of the ear that gather sounds so that these sound waves may cause oscillation of the air that is surrounding your ear. This is done by your outer lobes. The outer lobes then lead the sound waves to your ear canal. Your ear canal contains small hairs called cilia that aid in transporting these sound waves. The sound waves that is transmitted through this canal then cause the small bones of the ear — the anvil, the stirrup, and the hammer — to strike against your ear drum. The resulting sounds that are produced by these structures are then transmitted by your auditory nerves. The signal that is transported by these nerves is then brought to the brain. Finally, the brain interprets this as a form of sound.

Vinpocetine tinnitus disorderHowever, in vinpocetine tinnitus, there occurs a disruption in this process. For example, an excessive loud sound can cause the small hairs in your ear canal to die. Studies have shown that this type of phenomenon is irreversible. Therefore, you may be at risk of having hearing loss when you encounter this. Exposure of your ears to loud sounds may also cause your entire auditory system to compensate for the lack of hearing ability. Because of this, other cells that may surround your structures for hearing may be activated. These structures may mimic the functions that your hearing organs may be doing, thus the occurrence of vinpocetine tinnitus.

In this light, the causes of hearing loss and the occurrence of vinpocetine tinnitus have been discovered to be taking a similar route. That is according to studies. As a result, audiologists recommend to not subject yourself to places that have speakers that produce excessively loud sounds. In converse, you should also limit your listening time using your ear phones to prevent vinpocetine tinnitus. Because your ear phones are directly inserted to your ear and your ear lobes are disregarded, the sounds that usually come from this tool are hardly filtered, thus increasing your risk of having vinpocetine tinnitus.

Vinpocetine tinnitus protectionThere are certain measures that you can do to prevent tinnitus from hitting you. One of the most basic ways to do this is by protecting your ears from excessive sounds, especially when you are constantly exposed to objects that cause excessive noise. You may opt for a pair of ear plugs or ear muffs. You may also use special type of musicians’ ear plugs so you can still hear the same quality of sound but still get much protection from noise. In some cases, the drugs may be causing the tinnitus. Therefore, you should also check the drugs you are taking and consult your physician about this matter.

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