Tips To Plant Philo Serpens at Home


Searching for a wonderful and low-upkeep houseplant? Check out Philodendron Serpens! This plant is easy to look after and might succeed in a variety of conditions. In this particular guide, we shall go over everything you should learn about expanding and looking after Philodendron Serpens. We shall include anything from placing to watering to fertilizing. So if you’re seeking a stunning addition to your residence or place of work, be sure to give Philodendron Serpens a go!


philo serpens may be developed in both soil and h2o. If planting in earth, make sure to utilize a well-emptying potting blend and set the plant in indirect light-weight. H2o routinely, ensuring the garden soil is moistened however, not soggy. To develop your Philodendron Serpens in water, spot cuttings or tiny plant life inside a vase filled up with distilled or purified drinking water. Modify the drinking water every 2-3 days to prevent bacteria build-up.

Watering, Fertilizing

With regards to watering, look for the top ” of the dirt before introducing any other dampness. Your Philo Serpens will not be placed in h2o, as this might lead to root rot. Make use of a healthy water fertilizer every 1-2 months in the spring and summer. Diminish the fertilizer as outlined by bundle recommendations. Lastly, Philodendron Serpens is not going to demand pruning or repotting usually. Even so, in case your vegetation is starting to become overcrowded or leggy, trim back extended stems and repot into a slightly larger sized container using a fresh potting blend.

Temperatures and Moisture

Philodendron Serpens is not really choosy when it comes to temperatures, whether it continues to be within the plethora of 60-85 degrees Fahrenheit. This herb prefers substantial amounts of moisture content. Think about placing them in a washroom or near a humidifier to hold air moist. Feel free to mist your vegetation with h2o every few days to enhance dampness amounts.

General, Philodendron Serpens is really a wonderful and very low-upkeep addition to any indoors room. With care and attention, your herb will continue to flourish and provide life to your property or workplace. Happy horticulture!