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Tinnitus Aurium

Ringing in the Ears: A Known Medical Condition

Tinnitus AuriumTinnitus Aurium, the medical term for ringing in the ear is a condition that has most likely occurred to every person at least once in their life. The sounds heard are described in a variety of reverberations including buzzing, ticking, humming, beeping, and even a constant tone that is annoying. For some people this tinnitus aurium happens in their life for a short period of time, but for some, the annoying kind of ringing lasts intermittently and for others, in a more dreadful manner, continuously.

Basically, this manifestation of ringing in the ears can be pointed out to a number of reasons. It can be caused by an underlying disease that may be related to vascular or heart problems, head injuries, ear infections and even due to otosclerosis which is a bone defect in the inner ear. Other reasons include natural aging process and hereditary predispositions. Sometimes, unavoidable side effects of certain medications can also lead to the occurrence of tinnitus aurium. Also, subjecting one’s ears to direct loud noise can also lead to tinnitus aurium, as in with the use of cause of Tinnitus Auriumspeakers or earphones where noises are not deflected but directly heard and penetrated into the inner ear.

It becomes deeply concerning when no underlying condition can point out to the cause of tinnitus aurium. Sadly, this is the case for most individuals. But there are measures that can assist the afflicted individual in how to cope and manage this dreadful symptom, specially when it constantly annoys you every single day. Some supplementations like Lipoflavinoid can diminish symptoms of tinnitus aurium as it improves ear circulation and gradually assists in optimum overall health of the ears. Other measures you can try is the use of a hearing aid or tinnitus maskers which ingeniously provide pleasant sounds to be directly heard instead of the dreadful constant sound or a ringing noise.

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