The Different Types of Heat Guns and How to Choose the Right One for You


Heat firearms are good for stripping painting and getting smaller piping. This informative guide will provide an overview of the 5 common varieties of heat pistols and enable you to opt for the a single that’s very best to meet your needs.

Several forms of heat guns are most typical:

1.The Electrical Heat Gun:

The electrical heatgun is considered the most everyday sort of heat gun. It’s driven by a motor, which produces heat that may be moved to the nozzle. This heat gun is great for general-purpose use and is easily the most affordable option.

2.The Earthenware Heat Gun:

The ceramic heating gun relies on a ceramic aspect to create heat. This particular heat gun is much more pricey in comparison to the electrical a single, however it offers outstanding performance. It’s excellent for programs that need a high level of accuracy or precision.

3.The Gas Heat Gun:

The gasoline heat gun works with a fuel burner to create heat. This is perfect for weighty-task use and is considered the most highly effective option available. It’s great for stripping painting or welding aluminum.

4.The Infrared Heat Gun:

The infra-red heat gun employs infrared radiation to build heat. This particular heat gun is great for apps needing precision or accuracy. Furthermore, it’s quieter than other heat pistols, which makes it well suited for utilize in sound-hypersensitive surroundings.

How To Decide On The Proper Heat Gun For You Personally

Now that you know the different types of heat weapons available, how do you select the right one for you? The perfect solution depends upon your preferences. If you’re searching for a common-goal heat gun, choose a power version. Make use of a petrol model if you require a more strong heat gun for heavy-responsibility use. Should you need a heat gun for precision work, choose an infra-red design. And when you’re working in a noise-vulnerable environment, choose an infrared product.


Electrical models are compatible with common-objective use, although gasoline versions are better for large-duty use. If you’re operating in a sound-hypersensitive setting, pick an infrared model.