Protective VIP Escort Procedures & Protocols


Introduction: Being an executive protection professional, you are accountable for the safety and security of your respective customer. What this means is getting prepared for any eventuality, such as managing incidents swiftly and properly. In this particular blog post, we shall go over event control and command methods for executive protection substances.

When an occurrence comes about, it is very important maintain a calm and specialist attitude. Recall that you are currently in charge and that the protection of the client is determined by your activities. Here are some tips for handling occurrences:

1. Look at the condition. The initial step is usually to assess the circumstance and figure out the seriousness of the incident. Is this a minor mishap or possibly a significant safety breach? When you have decided the seriousness of the occurrence, you are able to consider correct measures.

2. Notify your team. Upon having considered the problem, it is essential to tell your group to enable them to be readily available to be of assistance if possible. Based on the seriousness of the accident, you can even must notify safety or law enforcement.

3. Make a change. After you have informed your staff, it really is time for you to make a change. This might indicate evacuating the property, offering medical, or consuming other methods to be sure the safety of your respective consumer. No matter what measures you are taking, it is very important keep relaxed and expert always.

4. debrief. Right after the accident has become fixed, you should debrief together with your staff to enable you to study from what happened and enhance your methods for next time. It is additionally a great idea to debrief together with your customer in order that they understand what taken place and exactly how you taken care of it.

Bottom line:

As an Pacific West Academy representative, you should be ready for any eventuality—including occurrences small and big. By following the following tips for Occurrence Control & Order Tactics, it is possible to ensure you are prepared to handle any situation that comes the right path.