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Sudden Hearing Loss In One Ear

Facts About Sudden Hearing Loss In one Ear

One of the frustrating ailments a person is afflicted with is hearing impairment. As a social being, it is saddening and depressing not to hear any sound from oneself and the environment. It is like having a separate world which is so difficult to penetrate unless a concrete intervention has to be applied for communication to occur between the hearing impaired and those he or she is interacting with. If it happens to child, his or her development is largely affected as it will be most likely delayed or the growth stages might be retarded.

Sudden Hearing Loss In One EarThere are many ear diseases. Some are common while others are rare.  One of the hearing illnesses is known as sudden hearing loss in one ear (SHL). It is medically defined as hearing reduction that is greater than 30 dB, over at least three bordering frequencies.” This SSL attack takes place more or less 72 hours; so it is not actually happening quickly but it takes shape more than an hour.

It is important to take note that SSL does not happen exactly in the same way to everyone. It is being experienced by them in a different way from the others. More often, it simultaneously goes together with tinnitus or vertigo or both.  The hearing loss also varies from moderate to serious and has dissimilar hearing frequency range.

Sudden Hearing Loss In One Ear medicationIt is very essential that when one experiences a sudden hearing loss in one ear, consulting an ear specialist must be right away undertaken. SHL or sudden hearing loss is either temporary or permanent. If taken for granted, the disease quickly spreads to the other ear making the condition worse this time since there are now two (2) ears affected. Do not wait for the sudden hearing loss in one ear to spread out. That is how important it is to detect early problem pertaining to the ear and more so, that immediate diagnosis and remedial prescription and rehabilitation will be done fast. This prevents a more serious ear problem with life-threatening complications.

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