Lithium Trolling Motor Battery: Pros and Cons


A Trolling Motor Battery is really a battery employed to energy a trolling motor on the boat. Trolling engines are widely used to offer motion on the boat should there be no wind or maybe the wind flow is not really sufficiently strong to move the vessel. They are also accustomed to provide additional thrust when angling. The two principal forms of trolling motor power packs are steer-acid solution batteries and lithium battery packs. Within this post, we shall discuss the pros and cons of lithium trolling motor batteries.

Professionals of Lithium Trolling Motor Electric batteries

1.They are less heavy than steer-acid solution battery packs. This is very important mainly because it decreases the overall bodyweight in the fishing boat, making it simpler to take care of.

2.These people have a greater capacity than direct-acid electric batteries, which means they can energy the trolling motor for an extended time well before being forced to be recharged.

3.They generally do not need the maximum amount of maintenance as steer-acid solution batteries and these people have a for a longer time life-time.

4.They can be incurred faster than steer-acid batteries, to get straight back to sportfishing faster.

5.They function in a broader variety of temperatures, so that you don’t have to worry about them very cold in freezing weather or heating up in hot weather.

6.They may be much more eco friendly than lead-acid battery packs as they do not contain harmful toxic compounds like guide and acid solution.

Cons of Lithium Trolling Motor Electric batteries

1.They cost more than steer-acid solution electric batteries in advance, nonetheless they can save you cash in the end as you won’t have to swap them as frequently plus they require significantly less servicing all round.

2.They should be handled carefully since they are less heavy and much more fragile than lead-acid solution electric batteries

3.3. You will need particular rechargers to fee them simply because they should not be involved in standard battery battery chargers


Whether or not a lithium trolling motor battery meets your needs depends on your requirements and personal preferences being a boater or angler. Take into account all the pros and cons prior to your selection to be able to opt for the particular battery that will function good for you and your motorboat.