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Labyrinthitis Treatment

Treatment for Labyrinthitis

part of Labyrinthitis TreatmentLabyrinthitis, a medical condition characterized by an inflammation of any part of the inner ear. It also causes vestibular dysfunction, which leads to balance problems or disorders as the vestibular system of the ear that is affected, primarily senses positional head changes. Basically, the patient afflicted with the disease suffers from balance problems such as vertigo and other hearing difficulties such as hearing loss and tinnitus aurium. Vertigo is the sensation of moving or falling without any external factors. The patient feels as if the world is spinning and movement feels real to him. This symptom becomes severe and debilitating when the inflammation spreads, persists and progresses without any subjection of the patient to appropriate labyrinthitis treatment.

Tinnitus aurium on the other hand, is experienced in this ailment as well and is manifested through a constant or intermittent ringing in the ears without any external source. This is an additional hearing burden to the patient. Labyrinthitis treatment if the cause is identified correctly and caught at an early time and not on a prolonged term as debilitating and prominent symptoms can severely Labyrinthitis Treatmentmanifest. The viral type of Labyrinthitis can lead to permanent hearing loss, but it is quite rare in occurrence among documented cases. Labyrinthitis treatment includes antibiotics to alleviate the inflammation and palliative treatment for the symptoms as well.

Part of labyrinthitis treatment is the lifestyle modification concerning diet and smoking. Nicotine should be avoided as it can worsen the condition of the ear. Intake of sugar and salt should be carefully monitored and caffeine and alcohol should be avoided to halt further aggravating the disease. This labyrinthitis treatment measure is in adjunction with the medication, exercises and maneuvers to follow that significantly improves the overall health of the ears. In addition, to have a fully efficient and dramatic healing process, a low noise and low stress environment will help gain speedy recovery.

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