How can plastic surgery be risky for my health?


Initially plastic surgeries were privileges left for the rich, politicians and celebrities however the case is not the same today. Different people are scheduling diverse forms of cosmetic surgeries based on how they want to look or what they want to get rid of. Thanks to top quality medical talent in the industry, there are now many institutions you can get such services from. You only need to invest in the right plastic surgeon to enjoy top quality procedure however not without the following potential risks as highlighted by Dr Leonard Hochstein below.
Pulmonary embolism
This is a condition where blood clots are carried to the lungs and the case is often common after cosmetic surgery procedures. It is often associated with another condition Deep Vein Thrombosis even though they are not common for all procedures. Chances are that only 0.09% of all plastic surgery patients may suffer from the same. The risk of suffering from this condition is much higher for patients that undergo several recurrent surgeries. Your doctor should help you understand how such risks can be avoided to protect you from the repercussions of the same.
Dissatisfactory postoperative appearance
You definitely have several objectives you want to achieve by signing up for a corrective plastic surgery. It is possible that you achieve these objectives however chances are you are also dissatisfied with the ultimate results. For women getting breast augmentation surgeries chances of dissatisfaction are highly reduced however the same cannot be said for those undergoing facial surgeries. You can determine the success of your procedure by choosing a quality plastic surgeon that can pay attention to details and get you the desired results.