anna kendrick nude Photo Leaks, Singer Denies It’s Her


In 2014, an enormous hacking scandal rocked the leisure planet when exclusive nude images of lots of girl celebs, which include Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence, had been leaked out online. The photographs were obtained by way of a innovative assault on Apple’s i celebs nude service and contributed to wide-spread condemnation through the community and security proponents.

How the Crack Taken place

The hack was perpetrated by way of a innovative invasion on Apple’s iCloud assistance, which is used by huge numbers of people to store photos, videos, along with other files on the internet. The hackers could get the login accreditations of celebrities and other high-information end users via a procedure generally known as “brute power” hacking, which involves employing programmed software to guess passwords till the correct one is identified. After they experienced accessibility celebrities’ profiles, they could download their individual photos and video lessons.

The Aftermath from the Hack

The drip in the pictures led to prevalent condemnation from the general public and personal privacy proponents. Many people charged Apple company of not undertaking enough to protect its users’ data, while some blamed the celebs themselves when planning on taking and storing nude photographs on his or her units to begin with. Jennifer Lawrence was one of the most singing pundits from the crack, calling it a “sexual intercourse crime” and vowing to adopt legal action against anybody who provided the leaked images.

Ultimately, the online hackers were actually never captured with no one was ever charged in experience of the leak. Even so, the scandal managed bring about increased scrutiny of iCloud protection and prompted a lot of consumers to delete their balances or take other steps to safeguard their information.


The drip of personal nude photos belonging to Jennifer Lawrence along with other woman celebs had been a major scandal that rocked Hollywood in 2014. The online hackers who attained the photographs have never been found, however the occurrence led to improved scrutiny of iCloud protection and motivated a lot of people to consider techniques to safeguard their details.