All you want to know about types of augmentation implants


The field of plastic surgery is witnessing huge progress in techniques and solutions. The efficient work of top-rated plastic surgeons helps numerous patients enjoy their lives the way they want. This explains why breast augmentation and implants are becoming increasingly popular. Dr Leonard Hochstein is a prominent plastic surgeon with a work record of over 20 years who specializes in breast augmentation. If you are not familiar with this type of procedure, read on to get some insight.
Types of breast implants for augmentation procedures
Simply put, the concept of augmentation surgery relies on putting artificial implants inside the wall of a patient’s chest. When it comes to the main sorts of augmentation implants, you can choose between two types. There are saline and silicone implants. The latter type is more common and well-known all over the world. But both options are provided by the majority of plastic surgeons. And the difference between both options is mainly the way of filling the implants.
Saline augmentation implants
As the name suggests, the implants are filled with saline. You may have come across saline solutions while taking care of a baby. But this liquid can be your ticket to having perfectly formed breasts. If you choose saline implants, your surgeon will place empty prosthetic implants in your chest. Then, the saltwater liquid will fill the implants till they reach the right size.
Silicone augmentationimplants
Silicone implants can be considered the opposite of saline ones. In this case, your surgeon will place pre-filled implants. These implants are not a one-size-fits-all kind of prosthetic. You will find a large selection of shapes and sizes. This way, you can choose the desired size and have it placed on your chest wall.
The success and expertise of Dr. Hochstein throughout the years made him cross the borders of the U.S. to perform countless procedures all over the world. He is even featured in the media as the “Boob God” due to his flawless work and skillset.