A guide to the best soil


When you get bulk hand bags of garden soil from Kuskatorpet, you receive our very own nutritionally earth, increased with solely natural manure. If you make an order with us, the large hand bags will probably be supplied directly to your front door through our number of crane pickups. If you distribute an order, you could possibly show the complete spot in which you want us to drop away from the huge case, generating using a crane less difficult and more efficient. Discover more about large sack of soil (storsäck jord).

We offer large shipping and delivery of substantial-good quality gravel, pavers, rock flour, and deal with start barking if required for construction.

Kuskatorpet supplies wonderful garden soil

We constantly be sure that the earth and other resources we use are of the very best quality, and the same thing goes to the solutions and goods this site offers. Clients in Halmstad as well as the surrounding region may benefit from our inexpensive travelling bag pickup service and house delivery options.

Kuskatorpet has become growing territory for more than a century, and then we benefit our garden soil and the capability to give good merchandise for your planet and our upcoming. As a result, we merely use biological fertilizer to enhance the earth we market, and it’s been explicitly formulated to foster the expansion of varied plants. We certainly have a wide variety of soil offered to our customers in handbag type, including lawn dirt, herb garden soil, outfit grime, and greenhouse soil, and also our car owners brings it straight to your home in our automobiles.


Our nutrient-wealthy soil is good when planting a grass, no matter if with plant seeds or rolled grass. By putting an order along with us, you might have the big travelling bag shipped ability to your door, kickstarting the installation process in some times. If you would like discover more about the garden soil we use for your lawns, click this link.