15 Things Every Financial Advisor Should Be Doing For Their Clients


Being a Vincent Camarda financial advisor is a lot of responsibility. Not only do you have to be up-to-date on the latest financial news and trends, but you also have to be able to provide your clients with sound advice that will help them reach their financial goals.
Things A Financial Advisor Should Be Doing For Their Clients
But being a good financial advisor is about more than just giving advice. It’s also about building relationships and providing clients with the level of service they expect and deserve. Here are 15 things that every financial advisor should be doing for their clients:
1. Be proactive in communicating with clients.
2. Return client calls and emails promptly.
3. Keep clients updated on changes in the market or their investment portfolio.
4. Educate clients on the basics of personal finance and investing.
5. Help clients set realistic financial goals and develop a plan to reach them.
6. Review client portfolios regularly and rebalance them as needed.
7. Monitor client accounts for fraudulent activity and reports any suspicious activity to the proper authorities.
8. Advocate on behalf of clients when dealing with banks, insurance companies, etc.
9. Serve as a sounding board for major life decisions that could impact finances (e.g., buying a home, getting married, having children, etc.).
10. Provide emotional support during tough times (e.g., job loss, divorce, major illness, etc.).
11. Be available to meet with clients in person or virtually as needed.
12. (For those working with high net worth individuals) manage bill payments, household staff, etc., as needed.
13. (For those working with businesses) help business owners manage cash flow, develop budgets, etc.
14. (For those working with retirees) help develop retirement income plans and monitor progress towards goals.
15. (For those working with young adults) help develop financial literacy skills and prepare for major life events such as buying a home or starting a family.
In the end
As you can see, there’s a lot more to being a financial advisor than simply giving investment advice. Financial advisors play an important role in the lives of their clients by helping them make major life decisions, managing their finances, providing emotional support during tough times, and much more.