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  • Info On Causes of Conductive Hearing Loss

    Causes of Conductive Hearing LossConductive hearing loss is the situation where the sound you hear becomes vague than what they usually be. It would feel like someone is blocking the sound from entering the ear, making it somewhat so silent and uneasy to decipher. Conductive hearing loss happen when the wave of sound doesn’t transcend to the inner ear.

    One of the causes of conductive hearing loss is that the functions of each ear part are not functioning as they should. This may be caused by an infection, either a recent one or a history from childhood, which ceases sound waves to be transmitted in the brain due to a damaged cochlea nerve which is the nerve that connects ear to the brain. Moreover, conductive hearing loss may also be a result of too much calcium that swells on the eardrum that ceases it to move as much.

    Ear wax is also a factor on the causes of conductive hearing loss. Too much of it blocks sound vibrations to travel from the middle to inner ear. However, it is not recommended to overly clean your ear as this can damage the ear drum as well especially when it is continuously hit by the cleaner. Moist around the ear canal can also cause conductive hearing loss as the ear csome Causes of Conductive Hearing Lossanal is somehow incapacitated to receive sound waves making sounds heard more vague than normal. Another common cause of conductive hearing loss is Otosclerosis. Otosclerosis is a situation that happens when your middle ear and inner ear grows soft bones.

    Some causes of conductive hearing loss can be fixed through simple intervention of medicines but it is also possible for it to be a permanent thing. The popular attack to this inevitable problem is the usage of hearing aid where sound waves are accepted and released in a louder state.

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  • Conduction Deafness: Important Things That You Have To Know

    conduction deafness syndromeSome hearing impairment may be a result of a blockage inside the ear and could either be permanent or temporary.  Medically termed as conduction deafness, this form of hearing loss is pretty common among children, but may also occur among adults. Basically, it is caused by a buildup between the middle ear and the inner ear, hence blocking the transfer of sound waves from the former to the latter. Blockage between the two ear parts may result from the buildup of one of these three things: calcium, ear wax or fluid. In some cases, however, conduction deafness may be developed from infections within the ear, a perforation of that tissue that vibrates the sound or the tympanic membrane or by a tumor affecting the ear canal.

    Calcium can sometimes build up between the inner ear and the middle ear, causing the formation of another bone-like structure that hampers the movements of the middle ear. This results to a slowing down of the sound waves’ movement through the ear and eventually leads to conduction deafness.

    conduction deafnessMeanwhile, a cause of conduction deafness that is related to your hygienic practices is the buildup of earwax that could block the transfer of sound waves between the inner ear and the middle ear. Aside from excess earwax, sticky fluids could also buildup inside the ear and hamper the sound transmission between the ear parts. This could result from an infection or aggregation of fluid brought by a cold or other illness. When this happens, sound quality reduces and what you’ll hear are muffled and unclear sounds.

    Treatments for conduction deafness vary from individual to individual often by the cause of the hearing loss. If the cause of your hearing problem is a buildup of earwax or fluid, you can consult a doctor and ask for a decongestion of your ears to relieve it of the blockage. Earwax removal is a pretty easy procedure and your doctor can solve your problem in a matter of a week or two. It is the same case with fluid buildup which only needs draining of the watery substance and cleaning of your affected ear.

    conduction deafness treatmentIn case the conduction deafness had been caused by an infection or damage to some parts of your ear, medication through drugs may be needed. Some cases even require surgery to remove the perforation or the growth of other bony structures inside the ear. In extreme cases where the impairment is already severe, a hearing aid may be the only possible solution.

    Unlike sensory deafness which is caused by damage in the sensory nerves that carry sound waves from the ears to the brain, conduction deafness starts with a problem in the conduction of sound through the ear itself. Hence, correction of the impairment can often be solved by removing the blockage in the conduction of sound waves.

    Of course, it is still best if you first consult your doctor if you suspect you’re suffering from conduction deafness. This way, you’ll be more equipped with the proper support to deal with the hearing loss.

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  • How Does Sound Therapy for Tinnitus Work?

    How Does Sound Therapy for Tinnitus WorkIn simple terms, sound therapy is defined as a listening program that uses carefully picked classical music. Some experts believe that this music corrects tinnitus by stimulating the ear muscles that are responsible for the condition.

    On the other hand, in a paper published online by the American Tinnitus Association, the author, audiologist Dr. Robert J. Olsson seems to say that sound therapy is a masking strategy. He said that the reason why this method works is that tinnitus is made less noticeable by the introduction of an environmental sound which manipulates how the patient perceives his tinnitus.

    But whether sound therapy only masks tinnitus, there is evidence that this method works. As a matter of fact, sound therapy is not only used to treat ear problems. Music therapy is also used to relieve some mental and neurological diseases such as amnesia and Parkinson’s disease.

    How exactly does sound therapy work for tinnitus? The simple answer is that it relieves the causes of tinnitus, which include ear fluid imbalance, cilia damage, and hardened ear muscles.

    How Does Sound Therapy for Tinnitus Work White-Noise Producing DevicesWhen the patient undergoes sound therapy, he is actually doing two things: exercising the muscles of his middle ear, and stimulating his cilia.

    The muscle in the middle ear is responsible for the quality of sound that we perceive, and if this is not intact, a different sound is perceived. In sound therapy, the music can correct all sorts of problems related to the middle ear such as muscular problems and fluid imbalances.

    Aside from providing a workout for the middle ear, sound therapy also stimulates damaged cilia in the inner part of the ear. Cilia are hair-like parts of the ear that pick up sound vibration and send them to the brain. When a person is suffering from tinnitus, experts believe that the cilia are damaged and flattened. But with sound therapy, the cilia can be stimulated so the patient can hear well again.

    There are several kinds of sound therapies available, but the following are the sound therapies that experts would recommend to help alleviate or cure tinnitus.

    - sound machines and other counter-top devices

    - CD-based listening programs

    - hearing aids

    - white-noise producing devices

    - combination units

    - sound generators

    - music therapy

    How Does Sound Therapy for Tinnitus Work Sound Therapy SessionsTo know if your tinnitus can be helped by sound therapy, perform an experiment called masking therapy. To do this, simply immerse yourself in an environment where you can hear another distinct sound. For instance, if you’re at home, you can turn on the radio or the electric fan. If the sound of any of these devices drowns or masks your tinnitus, then you can talk to your audiologist about sound therapy.

    If your doctor puts you into sound therapy, it’s important that you follow his orders. Sound therapy should be used everyday, so don’t skip your sessions. If you’re the forgetful type, ask someone to remind you everyday. Also, as diet is also believed to be one of the causes of tinnitus, you must make the necessary lifestyle adjustments. Reduce your intake of acidic foods and take in supplements that improve your aural health.

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